Friendly Professional Guides!!
Bruce and Shaun both have a love of the bush, the wild animals, the birds, the different cultures and the history of Africa.....we have chosen tour leaders with this similar passion and we hope you will allow us to show you Africa the Sunway way!

Our friendly and professional guides will show you the beauty of this fantastic continent and explain the nature, history and culture of the land and its people. The guides are well trained, experienced and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to providing you with the holiday of a lifetime in Africa. They are licensed with both the Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA) and the South African Department of Environment and Tourism (DEAT) and are fully trained in First Aid.

Their knowledge of their home region, local conditions, the African bush and their willingness to share this knowledge ensures that your safari is enjoyable and successful.

We'd like to introduce you to some of the Sunway team...


Shandle, hails from Mpumalanga province close to Kruger National Park and guides tours for Sunway Safaris in South Africa.

Shandle's knowledge of indigenous languages and cultures gives fantastic insight into every day South African lifestyle. His knowledge of the fauna and flora in Kruger National Park is very good.

Meshack was born in Tembisa, near Johannesburg. He grew up in Mzimba, (in the north of Malawi) and has been guiding for three years now. When asked what his funniest experience has been in the bush he replied “being charged by a hippo”. You will have to ask him about that as it doesn't sound funny! Meshack enjoys soccer and always has big smile to greet you.

David grew up in Johannesburg, the son of a British father and a German mother. After spending most of his school holidays travelling with his family, he matriculated from the Johannesburg German school and left for Europe to complete his German national service in the German military. He’s still a little uptight but we think he’ll relax in the long run...

He then trundled around most of Europe, America, Canada and Mexico, had a short stint in Hong Kong and then  saw  much of  Southern Africa where  he  realised that  Africa is  the best  place  on earth. So he promptly

obtained numerous guiding qualifications and mechanical experience and dived straight into tour leading. He loves the bush, camping and meeting new people, which is part of the reason I became a guide (We hope they feel the same way!). He enjoys a variety of sports, reading and good music but there is nothing he loves more than travelling around Africa, sitting around the camp fire with a beer and some good conversation.
Pieter was born in the friendly city of Bloemfontein. He grew up in the Eastern Cape and Paarl, near Cape Town. Before joining Sunway, Pieter worked for three years as a river guide on the Gariep River (between South Africa and Namibia) while studying Tourism Management. His favourite sport is rugby, both playing and watching it (yes – typically Afrikaans!). He also enjoys adventure activities such as river rafting, bungi jumping, and has an interest in photography. Perhaps he could combine the two on his tour with you!
Lazarus Mwale born 7th September 1973 in Mazoe, a small farming community, situated in the north western end of Zimbabwe. Then moved to Victoria Falls as of senior school to date. Waking up every morning to the "thundering and smoking Mighty Victoria Falls", quenched his love for nature and outdoor adventure. In 1989 he became the youngest boat cruise captain on the upper Zambezi. His love for wild water found him guiding on white water rapids in the Batoka gorges below the Victoria Falls for the next 10years that followed as of 1994. My first experience wild camping through Moremi, Savuti (Botswana) got me closer to the untamed wild Africa hence you find me here to stay.
Francois grew up in a small town in North Western Province, Harebeespoort. After school, he completed business school and worked with his family in the building industry for 2 years. Francois climbed Kilimanjaro in 2005, which is much more than many of us can say! After spending time in Africa, climbing Kilimanjaro, Francois realized that traveling and the outdoors are his passions, and overlanding would be the perfect job! Francois loves extreme sports, and is not afraid to try new things! He is a very friendly, outgoing person, and being in Francois’ company is always a pleasure! Francois started working for Sunway in 2006 and, he loves his job! Spending time in Africa, getting to know people from all over the world, and most of all, having lost of fun – although his self portrait photography needs some work!

Cobus was born in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. After a couple of years his family moved to the family farm close to the Addo Elephant national park. Growing up on the farm his love of nature and animals was fostered from an early age.

He spend most of his school holidays with his family on camping and fishing trips along the coast of South Africa. After graduating from high school he worked on the family farm for a couple of years, before the travel bug  started to  bite.  Cobus went  to China  to teach English  for 3 years and  toured  through  China, Thailand,

Singapore and Hong Kong. Eventually he started to miss the African outdoors so headed home in early 2007. Because of his love for traveling, nature and working with people he decided that a combination of all these was what he was looking for and is now working for Sunway Safari as a tour guide.
Jerry was born in Harare in Zimbabwe, but grew up and was educated in the town of Kariba. Kariba is very close to many nature reserves, and it was here that he fell in love with the bush. Jerry's father was a professional big game hunter, and it was through him that Jerry learned all there is to know about the African bush, and love of the African bush was passed one from one generation to another. Jerry feels that the meaning of Africa can only be felt in the African bush, and as such, even when he is not on tour tries to spend as much time as possible in the bush. Jerry loves playing soccer so if you on tour with him, challenge him to a six a side game, and see  how good his is.  Apart from soccer, Jerry  loves to cook  (another one of our guides
who have metrosexual tendencies) so the meals that he prepares are always wonderful. Jerry is full of fun, and feels that is the way to properly experience life

Adriaan was born in the friendly of city of Port Elizabeth, but feels that he grew up in the Kruger National Park. He and his family were very out doors orientated, and spent as much time as possible in the bush.

After finishing school Adriaan spent a few years working in the U.K and doing some travelling in Europe. When he returned to South Africa, Adriaan studied to be a game ranger / field guide. In his second year of studying he realised that his passion lay in birding and the wildlife and the different cultures that Africa has to offer. This means that being an overland guide is a perfect life style for him.

Adriaan feels that it is an honour to share the African experience with people from all over the world. He is committed to the African continent and feels that, "value can only be found in committed people".
Speedy was born in a town called “I Dutywa” pronounced I-doo-tja and grew up in Umtata in the Eastern Cape (a beautiful part of South Africa). Speedy’s interest at home is soccer, and in the bush he enjoys bush walks and game drives. When Speedy is not on tour we are greeted in the mornings by the buzzer at the gate with a “Good morning. It is Speedy. Please can you open the gate for me. Thank you”. You will be able to recognise Speedy as he always wears a cap (and enjoys making hotdogs for lunch).
Gavin was born in Johannesburg many moons ago. After completing his military training he departed Africa shores for the USA where he studied Biology and marketing for 3 years. He returned to African shores and went into to the family business, but this was not for him. Once again, the travel bug bit, and he went off to the travel through Europe, and Israel, and decided to settle in Israel for 6 years. But once again home was calling, and he returned to South Africa where he opened a Guesthouse in Zululand. Once again the travel bug was hot on his heals, so he sold the Guesthouse and went on a 2 year journey of discovery through Africa, and this is when he realised that this is what he wanted to do. Overland guiding is clearly what Gavin was born to go!!
Riaan was born in Bloemfontein in the Free State province of South Africa and grew up in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria. After school, Riaan lived in England for 6 months, working in a chocolate factory. But, packing chocolates was not what Riaan wanted to do for the rest of his life and, like most South Africans in England, he missed the African sunshine. Riaan returned to South Africa and enrolled at the University of Pretoria as a student in Psychology. After studying psychology for 2 years, Riaan realized that the African bush was calling… He then enrolled to study Game Reserve and Lodge management, which included a flied guiding qualification. Riaan  graduated in 2006 and started working as a field guide in a private game reserve,
where he spent his time doing game drives and walks with clients. He has an incredible love and passion for the African bush and realized that there is so much more to be explored in Southern Africa. Riaan joined Sunway and loves being on the road, sharing his passion for Africa with his clients.
Dennis was born and bred in Mpamalanga in South Africa. After school Dennis joined the Love Life campaign, an organization who teaches teenagers and young adults about their rights. After 3 years as a member of the love life campaign, he joined the Endangered Wildlife Trust where he learned to be a guide. Dennis joined Sunway in 2008 and admits that he always dreamt of being a guide and that it’s the best job in the world! He is a friendly young man with many interesting stories to share!
Susanne is a farm girl, born in the Limpopo Province of South Aifrica. She joined the South-African police service after school, and served as a detective for a “few” years. She then decided to follow her life long dream of traveling and learning more about the “weird and wonderful” things of the bush. Her wild spirit can’t be contained… Camping, walking in the mountains and encounters with wild animals is just what she ordered!
Jeffrey was born in Newcastle in Kwazulu Natal (South Africa), the home of the Zulu, a proud African culture with a rich history. He moved to Johannesburg where he studied logistics and worked as a receiving clerk and stock controller. During this time Jeff attended management courses where he gained valuable knowledge in regards to human relations. Whilst working in Johannesburg Jeff never forgot his roots, and missed being close to nature. He read many books and watched nature programs on television, he learned more and more about nature. He realized that he should be working close to nature and not in the city! Jeff started  off  with Sunway  as a  tour  driver  and  has  learned  even more tour  leading  and  the  tourism industry.You meet him
leading groups for Sunway. While on tour, sit around the fire in the evening with Jeff and you'll find he has many firm opinions and some interesting local insights. He believes that he belongs in the overlanding business!
Charl was born in the Sabie and grew up in Rustenburg, a mining town (he actually worked in the mine for 3 years) in the North West Province. Charl thinks there is nothing better than lying in a canvas tent at night listening to the sounds of the bush, or having coffee next to a fire in the morning. Charel has never brushed his hair (see photo for evidence) and “David Beckham likes to wear an alice-band like Charel” is a favourite quote of this shy guide. He is soft-spoken yet rough (enjoying playing with Puff Adder snakes) and despite his rather varied taste in music (from Classic to Jazz) Charel is quite musical and can play the bongo drums and the guitar (at the same time!). Charel has visited many game reserves with his father growing up so has a great knowledge of birds and animals, and he loves cooking so sounds like the perfect guide.
Leon was born in Johannesburg and after his military service, this computer illiterate fellow worked as a clerk for an IT company while studying Nature and Conservation. Quickly realizing an office environment was not in his future, Leon began his guiding career in 1999. Traveling over Southern Africa with a two year stint in Botswana, Leon loves sharing his knowledge of African flora and fauna. Be warned however, while in National Parks, if Leon stops the vehicle with too much excitement on his face, he has usually spotted a small brown bird and not a pride of Lions!!!
Chris was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and nicknamed ‘animal’, for his love of wildlife! He spent 20 years of his life in the African bush and admits that he can more easily find his way in the bush than in the streets of towns! Whilst traveling through Southern Africa, he gained valuable knowledge of fauna, flora and all the different cultures in Southern Africe, he has been guiding tours for 17 years and is always ready to share this knowledge and his love for nature. He believes to always give his best in everything he does. Chris is interested in working within a multicultural environment and being in the bush ‘touching nature’. He encourages participation on tour and motivates those around him to conserve nature for the future generations. Chris is a wonderful person, always friendly and caring.
Tamlyn grew up in Zimbabwe, until she came to South Africa in 1998 to study marketing in Cape Town, and now lives here permanently. She did a stint as a Field Guide at a game lodge for 3 years, largely involved with horses and trails-riding and has worked in different areas of South Africa. She decided to come back to civilization in 2006, and is now enjoying working in the “big city” and the office full-time. Many of you will have contact with Tamlyn as she is currently involved in the sales and reservations in the Sunway office. Even with interests in Ultimate Frisbee (don’t ask about the broken arm last year!), horses and motorbikes, she does enjoy the opportunity to go on tour as well.

Richard has lived in and out of the bush his whole life. He is perfectly at home in any area in Southern Africa, and the way he gets the clients to participate in the day to day aspects of touring, make him one of the most fun guides to travel with. He is known to go "walk-about" when on private trips as he gets so involved in what there is to see and experience in Africa he forgets what the date is!!!

After so many years with Sunway Richard is now involved in the international marketing of the company and spends several  months of  each year visiting our  agents in various  countries around the world. ‘Rich’ always

has time to talk to anyone, so when you meet him, buy him a beer and you’ll be sure to have a good laugh at all the stories he has to tell.
Basie has recently been appointed as operations manager, so we really don’t know much about him yet – but it’s almost beer o’clock so will be sure to have stories on Monday.
Christine was born and bred in Pretoria, and still loves in the capital city of South Africa. She studied Hotel and Catering Management at Damelin where tourism was her favourite subject. Her love of travelling inspired her to leave these fine shores, and she landed up spending 2 years travelling around the USA, England and Europe. As with most South Africans her love for Africa made her return home.

Christine started working for Sunway Safaris in September 2006 and is responsible for all accommodation and campsite bookings and  the paperwork for each tour.  With this all done from the Sunway office the guides
head off knowing that all of the arrangements for the tour have been made. When not in the office, Christine also enjoys horse riding, surfing (but not in Joburg!), hiking and rock climbing.
Thombi doesn’t do much in the office, but she’s always here to meet you in the morning!

He has travelled extensively for years in Europe, North, East and Southern Africa and parts of South America, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Malaysia, India and Borneo. Bruce is also a keen mountain biker and competes in several multi-day stage races each year including a successful completion of the 8 day 950km Cape Epic in 2006.

Following a BCom degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, completed in 1993 Bruce worked  in an  office for a year, but  threw that in for  the safari  life! Bruce, as a founding member of Sunway, is

still actively involved in all aspects of the Sunway operation experience. He has a keen interest in photography and enjoys those special "off the beaten track" places.

Bruce & Claire got married on the 2nd of February 2008, and enjoyed a fantastic 2 month honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia. I am sure that both of them will find it difficult to get used to being back at work, but we are all sure that this is the first of many trips that they will take together!


Shaun's family are from the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Shaun's interest in the wild areas of Africa has lead to many years of 4WD excursions into the bush of Southern Africa including the remote Kaokaveld on the Namibia/Angola border and many national parks. He obtained a BCom degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg where he also practiced his love of rowing. Shaun then started leading tours throughout East and Southern Africa from 1994.

Shaun married Megan in 2000 and they have spent time travelling in Australia, climbing mountains in Nepal

and skiing in Canada. There first son, Laird is pleased that the has been joined by his brother Fynn, born on the 2nd March 2008, hence mountain climbing will be put on hold for the moment to be replaced by running after 2 little bundles of trouble. As a founding member of Sunway, Shaun is responsible for the overall tour operations of Sunway.

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